1 compact disc.
2 Civil Defence.
3 Corps Diplomatique.

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1. a debt instrument issued by a bank; usually pays interest
Hyponyms: ↑time deposit
2. a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record; played back by a laser
Syn: ↑compact disk, ↑compact disc
Hypernyms: ↑optical disk, ↑optical disc, ↑recording

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1. candela
2. canned
3. card
4. cataloged
5. command
6. commissioned
7. condemned
8. cord
9. could

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2. Civil Defense.
3. Community Development.
4. See compact disk.

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1. Civil Defence
2. Compact disc
3. Contagious disease(s)
4. Controlled drug
5. Corps Diplomatique (French), Diplomatic Corps

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CD UK [ˌsiː ˈdiː] US [ˌsi ˈdi] noun [countable] [singular CD plural CDs] ★★
compact disc: a small round piece of hard plastic with sound recorded on it or computer information stored on it

He had a huge collection of CDs and cassettes.

Thesaurus: computer memory and data storage deviceshyponym recording equipment and general words for recordinghyponym

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cord or cords.
cash discount.
Cd (no period),
cadmium (chemical element).
CD (no periods) or C.D.,
1. certificate of deposit.
2. civil defense.
3. compact disk: »

Because there is no groove in a CD, there are none of the mechanical problems involved in keeping a phonograph needle in a groove (Suburbia Today).

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certificate of deposit
civil defense
compact disc
corps diplomatique

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/ˌsiːˈdiː/ noun, pl CDs
: a small plastic disk on which information (such as music or computer data) is recorded

The singer released her new CD [=a new set of songs recorded on CDs for people to buy] last month.

a four-CD set

The car stereo includes a CD player.


The band's early albums are now available on CD.

called also compact disc
— compare


———————— II
noun, pl CDs [count]
— compare


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CD [CD] [ˌsiː ˈdiː] [ˌsiː ˈdiː] (also disc) noun
the abbreviation for compact disc (a small disc on which sound or information is recorded. CDs are played on a special machine called a CD player)

His albums are available

on CD

and online.

See also:disc  
listen to/enjoy/love/be into music/classical music/jazz/pop/hip-hop, etc.
listen to the radio/an MP3 player/a CD
put on/play a CD/a song/some music
turn down/up the music/radio/volume/bass
go to a concert/festival/gig/performance/recital
copy/burn/rip music/a CD/a DVD
download music/an album/a song/a demo/a video
play a musical instrument/the piano/percussion/a note/a riff/the melody/a concerto/a duet/by ear
sing an anthem/a ballad/a solo/an aria/the blues/in a choir/soprano/alto/tenor/bass/out of tune
hum a tune/a theme tune/a lullaby
accompany a singer/choir
strum a chord/guitar
form/start/get together/join/quit/leave a band
give a performance/concert/recital
do a concert/recital/gig
play a concert/gig/festival/venue
perform (BrE) at/in a concert/(especially NAmE) a concert
appear at a festival/live
go on/embark on a (world) tour
write/compose music/a ballad/a melody/a tune/a song/a theme song/an opera/a symphony
land/get/sign a record deal
be signed to/be dropped by a record company
record/release/put out an album/a single/a CD
be top of/top the charts
get to/go straight to/go straight in at/enter the charts at number one
Example Bank:

Do you mind if I change the CD?

How many tracks are on the CD?

She inserted a CD into the machine.

That was the first album to come out on CD.

The band's new CD is released next week.

You can record your own CD if you have the right equipment.

a live CD of the band's latest concert

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